Terms and Conditions

Tweal Ltd provides a platform for businesses to self-manage their own promotions and offers ('Tweals') for local audiences (customers) via the Twitter network.

'Tweal' is the term used for a special promotional deal that a business launches via our broadcast network. A 'Tweal' can be redeemed by a customer who downloads one a Tweal voucher. Tweal Ltd is not affiliated to any businesses that choose to advertise their ‘Tweal’ via our broadcast platform. Tweal Ltd is not affiliated or connected in any way to Twitter.

Tweal Ltd is registered in England and Wales – our company registration number is: 08117642. The registered office address is Tweal Ltd, A1 Marquis Court, Team Valley, Gateshead NE11 0RU. Our contact email address is: support@tweal.co.uk.

To use our service, as both a business and a customer you must have a registered Twitter account in order to sign in and use the Tweal platform.

Tweal Ltd has no access to your private Twitter account details, or Twitter settings.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of the terms and conditions each time you view and use Tweal Ltd. Do not use Tweal Ltd if you do not agree to all of the following terms and conditions.

Terms for a BUSINESS wanting to create and launch its own 'Tweal'

  1. The business must register an account which may require verification by Tweal Ltd before they can create a Tweal. As a registered account holder, you are responsible for familiarising yourself with the Tweal Ltd platform and software layout.
  2. There is currently no charge for using the Tweal Ltd platform. Please inform us immediately if you are approached by anybody demanding payment for using our service.
  3. As a business, the Tweal you create must be: 1) A genuine special offer; 2) Be obtainable and achievable through your business; 3) Not be in any way misleading whatsoever.
  4. The Tweal you create must not promote any illegal activity, or anything that can be deemed to cause harassment, harm, and distress.
  5. On creation, your Tweal will be manually verified and approved by a Tweal Ltd member of staff and we hold the right if necessary ask for amendments to be made to the Tweal.
  6. You can cancel your Tweal at any time via the Tweal Ltd platform, but you are still liable & responsible for the vouchers that have already been downloaded by a customer.
  7. We may, from time to time, need to restrict access to some or all of the functions on the Tweal Ltd platform for users who are currently registered with us.
  8. If you limit the number of vouchers available, once that maximum number of vouchers has been downloaded, the Tweal will be withdrawn, or in the event of the downloaded vouchers not reaching the maximum number, the Tweal will automatically end on its set termination date/time. Please note that the download of a voucher does not guarantee its redemption by the customer. Each voucher downloaded will have a unique reference number that you can use to check against your records when customers come to redeem it.
  9. When you create your Tweal, you must complete the section 'Terms and Conditions' – this is where you specifically set the terms for your Tweal You must clearly state the expiry date of the vouchers on offer, and the booking/redemption procedure necessary for customers to use it. You will also need to decide if you wish a customer to supply a physical voucher (printed) on redemption, or whether an electronic copy shown on a mobile device will suffice. If your terms and conditions are not clear enough, your Tweal will not pass verification and you will be asked to amend them.
  10. Tweal Ltd is not responsible for any customers who redeem a voucher, their conduct, or payment method. As a business you are responsible for your own customer service protocol when a customer wishes to redeem a Tweal voucher.
  11. It is stressed that under no circumstances will Tweal Ltd be liable in any way, shape or form for a Tweal that has been broadcast via the Tweal Ltd platform via your account. Tweal Ltd has no liability to you for any loss of business or profit, loss of goodwill or reputation, or any business interruption of any form. You must exercise your own security protocols when allowing your own staff to launch a Tweal.

Terms for a USER wanting to download and redeem a Tweal

  1. Tweal Ltd is not affiliated to any business or company offering a Tweal on our platform. Tweal Ltd is offering businesses the facility to put forward a Tweal for your consideration and you are under no obligation to download or redeem a Tweal.
  2. By accessing a Tweal, you are required to sign in via Twitter.
  3. Tweal Ltd do not take any payments from customers who wish to participate in a Tweal, all we ask is that you download an available voucher. It is up to you as the consumer to make your own judgement whether to redeem a voucher with the business offering the Tweal. Tweal Ltd cannot be held responsible for any business offering a Tweal not being able to supply the offered goods/services
  4. Tweal Ltd provides no warranties or advice of any kind in relation to information or Tweals offered.
  5. When you have downloaded a voucher, it will be emailed to you for safekeeping and printing if necessary. There is no facility to send you a duplicate.
  6. Users of Tweal Ltd must be 18 years or older, as some offers have age restrictions attached.
  7. Some businesses offering Tweals will accept an electronic version of the voucher (e.g. the presence of the unique reference number in an email on your smartphone or similar device); others will require a printed copy – this will be shown on your voucher.
  8. If you for whatever reason have not been able to redeem a downloaded Tweal voucher with the business, Tweal Ltd are not responsible for any loss of any kind. The Tweal voucher has no monetary value, and is not exchangeable or transferable.
  9. Tweal Ltd shall not be liable for any reason for any outage or disruption to the Tweal site for any period of time.
  10. Unless specified, only one Tweal voucher can be downloaded per person per Tweal.
  11. Tweal Ltd is not responsible or liable for any content on a third party website. Where a third party website contains links, Tweal Ltd is not responsible for the security or content of these.