Our Story

Tweal puts an end to all those scare stories about 'daily deals' putting companies out of business – runaway campaigns, loss-leading margins and unsustainable customer levels etc. There must be a better way, we thought and there is: Tweal.

We Put You in the Driving Seat

We designed Tweal with your business in mind – it leaves you in control. Simple, functional, local and usable, Tweal allows you to manage your own daily deals, distributing them instantly in real-time via Twitter (something the major players can't offer). We can launch your Tweal within 10 minutes and create an instant stampede of feet to your door.

Tweal isn't hard sell, there's no pressure and no targets to meet. You, the business owner are firmly in charge.

Tweal At a Glance

Tweal offers a number of unique features for businesses of all sizes:

No Charge

Oh, by the way, Tweal is also completely free to use. No in-your-face sales tactics, no bank-breaking deals, no sneaky affiliate commissions. Easy.