What is Tweal?

A Tweal is a deal or promotion that you publish on the Twitter network using our free platform. Twitter + Deal = Tweal.

Why Twitter?

Twitter's huge user numbers offers you access to thousands of potential customers in your local area. The nature of Twitter also means that your deals can be broadcast in real-time. We chose Twitter because no other platform comes close on these two key issues.

As a business, why do I need to login using Twitter?

There are two reasons that we're a Twitter app. First, it gives you the option of publishing Tweals via your own Twitter account (recommended for maximum exposure and response) and second, we can validate your business and therefore limit spam on Tweal (it's much harder to fake a quality Twitter account than an email).

Is it really free?

Yes! Right now, Tweal is in its BETA stage and use of the platform is completely free. That's not to say we won't charge any fees in the future but we just don't have any plans for that as yet.

Why is it only active in Newcastle?

During our BETA stage we are focusing on a single area and Newcastle just happens to be our local city (so we're a little biased). You can broaden the scope of your Tweals by publishing offers via your own Twitter account and we will be expanding our activities to other areas in the coming weeks and months.

I don't want to publish offers to your Tweal accounts, can I still utilise your platform?

In short, yes. If you simply want to manage offers that you publish through your own Twitter account, Tweal can do that. Additionally, you may want to consider utilising our area-specific accounts to maximise exposure.

Will Tweal be coming to my area?

We aim to launch Tweal as widely as possible (look out world!) but the order in which we achieve global domination will be dictated by demand. If you want to see Tweal in your area, then get in touch! Please note: an "area" is not necessarily a physical place... you could use Tweal to launch offers to employees of your company, students at your university, or members of your club. The possibilities are endless. Get in touch to discuss this in more detail.

What is the approval time for a Tweal?

While Tweal is designed as a real-time platform, we also want to protect the quality of the Tweals we publish and will manually approve each Tweal. That said, under normal circumstances, approval should take no longer than 10 minutes where possible.

What conversion rate can I expect?

This is hard to predict (naturally!) as a customer can download and reserve your offer without any charge. Exactly how many downloaders convert into customers depends on all sorts of factors. Put simply, the better your Tweal, the better your conversion rate will be.

How do I get paid?

Tweal doesn't handle any transactions. Users simply download their voucher and present payment directly to you when they redeem the offer. We think this is better for you as a business.